Agriculture is left without hands in the United Kingdom, after Brexit and the departure of European workers

On the south coast of England, as far as the eye can see, fields of broccoli that have not been harvested.

Labor shortages are leading many fruit and vegetable growers to cut plantings by 2022, after letting their crops rot this year.

Julian Marks is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of vegetables: “Without temporary workers, the next few years will be particularly difficult and I think you will see a change in the range of products available in the UK.”

The problem is general. It affects all sectors that previously depended on workers from Europe, such as service stations. Despite the call for the military, the shortage of tanker drivers continues and many stations run out of fuel.

When the UK left the European Union, it also closed its doors to immigrants who were likely to take low-skilled jobs.

Also for meat producers, the shortage has shocking consequences.

Turkeys from Kellybronze Turkeys may not make it to the Christmas table. A heartbreak for Paul Kelly, head of the operation.

_ “You do all this work, you grow products and there are people who want and need them. And you throw them in the trash. It is a tragic waste. The situation could become catastrophic if we don’t get any help.”_

The UK encourages employers to offer low-skilled jobs to people who already live in its territory. Farmers repeat, desperate not to be heard, that the food supply could be affected as Christmas approaches.

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