After racist insults: Czech Republic appoints British ambassadors

After the racist insults
The Czech Republic appoints British ambassadors

During the match between Sparta Prague and Glasgow Rangers, player Glen Kamara is booed and insulted by the children. In Britain they are accused of racism. There are diplomatic unrest between the two countries.

The Europa League game between Glasgow Rangers and Sparta Prague has diplomatic consequences. Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek protested reports that children and young people had racially insulted Glasgow professional footballer Glen Kamara from the stands at the Prague match. The Social Democrat announced on Twitter that he would therefore appoint the British ambassador for a meeting at the Foreign Office in Prague on Monday.

“Insults in bad taste to Czech children” have no place in football or in relations between the two countries, criticized the diplomatic chief. Among other things, the “Glasgow Times” reported that Kamara was booed and racially insulted by 10,000 young Sparta fans every time they hit the ball. The 25-year-old midfielder was born in Finland to African immigrants.

The game ended with a 1-0 victory for the hosts. In reality, the match against the Scots should be played in front of empty stands due to a racism scandal in another Sparta match. However, due to an exemption, 10,000 children between the ages of six and 14 and their supervisors were eventually allowed into the stadium.

Not the first incident in Prague

Individual groups booed Kamara every time they touched the ball and cheered when the 25-year-old was sent off the pitch in the 74th minute following his second yellow card. His lawyer Aamer Anwar scolded him: “Tonight shows once again that Prague has a serious racism problem and, as always, UEFA is nowhere to be found.”

Sparta dismissed the “baseless allegations” as “ridiculous.” In a statement, the Rangers were asked to end the “xenophobic atmosphere towards our children, our country and its people.”

Kamara had already been racially insulted by his opponent Ondrej Kudela during the Europa League round of 16 between Rangers and Slavia Prague last March. Kudela was suspended for ten games and missed the EM. Kamara, whom Kudela accused of beating him, also had to knock three sets off the ground.

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