After racism scandal with the maid of honor: Charles and Camilla want to talk to Ngozi Fulani

After racism scandal with the maid of honor
Charles and Camilla want to talk to Ngozi Fulani

A racist incident breaks out at Buckingham Palace between a bridesmaid and the director of a charity for Afro-Caribbean victims. Now the royal couple reportedly want to speak to the person concerned about the incident. However, she claims that she knows nothing of an invitation.

“Never complain, never explain”: this golden rule of Queen Elizabeth (1926-2022) loves King Carlos III. apparently not maintained. At least the monarch reacted quickly to a racist incident at an event at Buckingham Palace and she wants to take care of the event. As the “Mail on Sunday” writes, Charles and his wife Camilla now allegedly want to invite Ngozi Fulani back to the palace to talk to each other on the matter.

The head of a British charity for Afro-Caribbean victims went public on Instagram last week after a UN event at the palace that an elderly woman had repeatedly asked her where she “really” came from. According to The Guardian, the woman touched her hair to see her name tag and asked where her “her people” were from, despite her telling him several times that she was British.

“Unacceptable and deeply regrettable”

In an “Independent” interview, Fulani explained that the problem is “bigger than one person. It’s institutional racism.” She added: “I was in shock after it happened and anyone who knows me knows I can’t take nonsense like that.”

It later emerged that the caller was the Queen’s longtime lady-in-waiting, Lady Susan Hussey. Hussey, godmother to Prince William, later apologized and resigned. The palace said what happened was “unacceptable and deeply regrettable.” A spokesman for Prince William said racism “has no place in our society.”

Speaking to British television show Good Morning Britain, Ngozi Fulani said he was not aware of another invitation to Buckingham Palace. However, if he were to arrive, he would like to sit down with the royals to discuss the incident.

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