After Netflix Documentary: His Father’s Public Contradiction

Duchess Meghan has to put up with criticism for a statement in her Netflix documentation.Image: imago images/ i Images


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Duchess Meghan also posted text messages from her father in her Netflix documentary. The Duchess of Sussex wanted to show her version of her drama that unfolded just before her wedding. But now her father once again publicly contradicts her, and it’s not the first time he’s questioned her credibility.

Duchess Meghan: Now this is her father speaking

There was plenty of drama leading up to Duchess Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018. As well as spats between her and her soon-to-be sister-in-law Duchess Kate over the bridesmaids’ outfits, Meghan’s father was also News.

Thomas Markle was photographed by paparazzi. Shortly after, he suffered a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. In her Netflix documentary, Meghan had now revealed how desperately she was trying to contact her father at the time.

But her text messages struck her as strange, the Duchess of Sussex said. Then her father suddenly addressed her as “Meghan,” although her family would not call her by her full name. And otherwise, the messages on Thomas’s cell phone were very different from the ones he received from his father. That is why Meghan in the documentary expresses the suspicion that her father’s cell phone could have been hacked.

Screenshot Interview with Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle comments on Meghan’s statements.Image: GoodMorningBritain

In front of “daily mail“Thomas now presents his point of view on things. And as always, they differ significantly from how his daughter describes them. Meghan’s father states:

“I wrote every word I sent from this phone, which I still have.”

You do not want to have noticed anything about a hacker attack, on the contrary. “If she says my phone is compromised, that’s not true”he tells the newspaper. He reiterated that he wrote the messages himself while in the hospital. That Meghan and Harry never asked him how he was doing made him angry, Thomas explains. “I felt like I didn’t deserve this news,” the former lighting technician said.

And there’s one more thing Thomas really wants to clear up. “It’s not true that I never used his full name,” says Thomas Markle now. And he adds:

“I’ve used Meghan’s full name before when things were serious.”

Thomas Markle has often criticized Meghan

Meghan’s father publicly stabbing his daughter in the back is not new. After Meghan’s other big appearances, he had been very critical of her. In addition, it is now known that she took paparazzi photos shortly before the wedding, which later made many headlines.

Today, therefore, he is remorseful and explains to the “Daily Mail”: “I made a terrible mistake, for which I have often apologized. They never helped me. I believed the photographer who said that these photos would take some of the pressure off me.” . .”

But soon after, he accuses his daughter of hypocrisy again. Harry and Meghan would now do everything “they told me not to. They told me never to talk. I think what they are doing now is much worse than what I have done.”

She probably knew that Meghan couldn’t expect any public support from her father. What is really behind the mysterious text message Meghan received is unclear at the moment.

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