AFC Energy and Speedy Hire create hydrogen generator rental joint venture – November 15, 2023 at 12:55 pm

AFC Energy plc is a UK-based company engaged in the development of fuel cell and fuel processing technologies and related equipment. The company offers a range of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-to-fuel technologies for organizations that need affordable, flexible and clean off-grid energy, including in the construction, electric vehicle charging, transportation sectors. maritime and data centers. Its technology products include the S-series air-cooled fuel cell generator module, the H-Power Tower-S series fuel cell generator, and the L-series fuel cell generator. Its technology products include development courses including the S+ series fuel cell generator module, the S+ series fuel cell generator power cube, and others. Offers a range of optional support solutions to accompany its products. Develops fuel cells and related technologies for industrial applications. It focuses on sectors such as maritime, construction, data centers, outdoor events, electric vehicle charging, railways and telecommunications.

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