Adults are afraid of buttons, balloons and the color YELLOW.

The BRITISH have revealed their strangest fears, with buttons, balloons and the color yellow on the list.

Researchers who interviewed 2,000 adults to reveal the eclectic mix of phobias with trypophobia (the fear of potholes) and nlaigophobia (the fear of can openers).

Balloons were among the top 20 adult phobiasCredit: Alamy

Nomophobia, the fear of being without your cell phone, is also a “popular” phobia, as is arachibutyrophobia, the fear of peanut butter clinging to the palate.

Heights, spiders, snakes, and tight spaces topped the list of common fears, along with dentists, ghosts, and the dark.

It also appeared that 77 percent of adults have a phobia of something, with 15 percent admitting to having what could be considered an unusual fear.

A spokesman for the craft beer makers, Beavertown, which commissioned the investigation, said: “It’s no secret that fears like spiders and heights are common.

But knowing that things like peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth and the lack of a telephone top the list of fears in the UK is really telling of what scares us now.

“And what better time to find out than Halloween?” “

“In fact, we just launched a new stout, Flesh, to join our range of limited-time promotions. “

Other dark phobias included fear of the navel – omphalophobia, trees – dendrophobia, and the color red – erythrophobia.

The study also identified some of the challenges of living in fear, with 35% of them worried that their phobia would make them appear too weak to others.

Which could explain why 24% of people with phobia tried to hide it from their loved ones.

For more than a third (36%), this also hampered their ability to socialize.

But 23 percent sought professional help to overcome a fear.

Conducted through OnePoll, the study found that 30% of adults consider the Halloween period to be the scariest time of the year.

A Beavertown spokesperson added: “Halloween is our favorite time of year.

The color yellow is listed as a common fear in the UK.Credit: Alamy


1. Heights

2. Spiders

3. Snakes

4. Confined spaces

5. Dentists

6. Ghosts

7. Darkness

8. Needles

9. Clown

10. Fly

11. sang

12. The devil

13. Water

14. Being home alone

15. Old houses

16. Birds

17. Small holes

18. Halloween

19. Being without your cell phone

20. Aliens

21. Balloons

22. Large / open spaces

23. Can opener

24. Names

25. Names

26. The color yellow

27. Buttons

28. Peanut butter that sticks to the palate

29. Trees

30. The color red

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