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Massive cyber attack on government agencies in Montenegro: Defense Minister blames Russia

In Montenegro, several government agencies have become the target of a large-scale cyber attack. According to the government, the Computer systems of several government agencies, including the Treasury, “infected”. The small Balkan state has never experienced a hacker attack of this magnitude, Administration Minister Maras Dukaj said on Saturday. Defense Minister Rasko Konjevic blamed Russia for the attack.

Konjević spoke of “extremely sophisticated attacks”, which individual hackers were unable to do. “Who could have a political interest in causing such damage to Montenegro?” he asked on state television, speaking of “insufficient evidence” to suspect that Russia is behind the attack. Due to Montenegro’s support for EU sanctions After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow included the country on its list of “enemy states” in March.

Thanks to quick countermeasuren the IT infrastructure is not permanently damaged, explained Administration Minister Dukaj, according to which no citizen and business data was compromised.

Several media outlets, citing “informal information” from the National Security Agency, reported that the attack was controlled by “multiple Russian services.” As a result, the entire infrastructure is at risk, including electricity and water supplies. The power plants had been switched to manual operation mode.

This is the second cyberattack since a no-confidence vote on August 19 announced the end of Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic’s pro-Western government. Abazovic said Friday night after a National Security Council meeting that Montenegro would ask its international partners for expert help in recovering data and preventing further attacks.

Meanwhile, the US embassy has warned its citizens in Montenegro about “ongoing” cyberattacks that could disrupt public services, transportation, including border crossings and airports, and telecommunications. (AFP)

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