Former London police counter-terrorism chief Neil Basu spoke in an interview about threats against Duchess Meghan during her stay in the UK. There have been many “very serious and disgusting” threats against Prince Harry’s wife, the outgoing commissioner, who long led the anti-terror unit, told Channel 4. The conversation was broadcast on Tuesday night.

“We had teams looking into it. People have also been prosecuted for these threats,” he said. Basu has been responsible for several of the largest police operations in the British capital in recent years.

Harry (38) and Meghan (41) said goodbye to Britain and the British royal family in 2020 and now live in California with their two children. One reason for the withdrawal was the British tabloids’ handling of the Duchess, whose African-American roots were sometimes denounced with racist overtones.

Security while in the UK continued to be a concern for Harry’s family after the move: Harry entered a legal battle with the UK Home Office after being denied police protection considering himself a member of the royalty who worked for him and his family. The authorities rejected his suggestion that he pay for police protection himself.

From: APA/dpa