“A performance for eternity”, “Stolen Hamilton” … The title of Max Verstappen seen by the press

This last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix of the season took advantage of Max Verstappen’s advantage. Thanks to the safety car, the Dutchman was able to put on soft tires that allowed him to overtake Lewis Hamilton on the last lap. The Briton had worn hard tires and could do nothing to prevent his rival from being crowned. A final anthology clash that divides the European media.

In the Netherlands, the newspaper General newspaper evoked “A performance for eternity” calling the son of Jos Verstappen “Phenomenon”, while the most important newspaper in the country, The Telegraph, points out that the Dutch pilot has “Write the history of Formula 1”. In Belgium, the birthplace of the new world champion, The night title in“Apotheosis in the last turn”.

In the UK, the tone used by the media is not exactly the same. Le Daily Telegraph does not hide and evokes a «Vol» in reference to the decisions made by the quarterbacks in the last moments of the race. An expression adopted by The Daily Mail who talks about “Great Flight of Motorsports”. Sun. evoked “One last dramatic twist » Y The Daily Express his play on words “Max Pain” that we can translate by “The enormous pain.”

In other European media, the show offered by the two pilots is unanimous. Newspaper The team evokes a “Last round of anthology”. The same story in Italy where the Gazzetta dello Sport talk about a “Insane GP”. Finally in Spain, the newspaper What rates Verstappen as “A king of madness”.

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