A 10-year-old boy died after being attacked by a monkey

A bad encounter with tragic consequences. A 10-year-old boy died a few days ago in India after being violently attacked by monkeys. The boy was seriously injured by the animals and later died in hospital.

As reported The independentPrimate attacks are common in India and, in particular, in the state of Gujarat, located in the west of the country, where large populations of langurs (small monkeys that can be especially aggressive) are established.

Several attacks during the previous week

The tragedy occurred in a small town called Salki. Based on local sources, the British media claims that the young victim was playing with some friends near a temple when several monkeys pounced on him. The boy reportedly received multiple injuries and was later taken home in serious condition.

Despite being rushed to hospital, he was pronounced dead that same day. As a ranger quoted by The Independent explains, violent monkey raids have increased in recent days in Salki: “There is a large troop of monkeys in the village, including four adults who participated in the attacks over the past week.”

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