86% of Europeans will watch the World Cup at home

TCLthe television maker, surveyed cross-sections of key European nations on how they intend to follow and experience the ongoing World Cup.

Developed in collaboration with Consumer Sciences and Analytics (CSA), the survey was conducted in the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Spain.

The results revealed that while there were differences in perspective between the markets, mainly due to cultural factors, a passion for gaming and a desire to connect with loved ones were common threads.

61% intend to follow the 2022 competition. This is mainly because they are football fans, as 83% will continue to watch it even if their team is eliminated.

For almost one in three respondents, watching football on television is a moment to share with loved ones and 86% of Europeans say they will watch home games on their television.

If it is not possible to watch the games on a TV, 60% of them will consider watching them on a mobile device

8% intend to buy a new TV for this specific occasion

As the survey reveals, Europeans are very interested in football: 7 out of 10 say they usually follow international competitions and 15% say they even watch all the matches. With 61% of Europeans intending to watch the 2022 event, it’s clear that football remains a priority. The most mobilized fans appear to reside in Poland (73%), Spain (71%) and the UK (68%).

Among the main motivations for watching are the desire to support their national team (50 percent), as well as a passion for the sport (35 percent). And almost a fifth of those surveyed (18%) will follow the matches because they are fans of one of the selected soccer stars.

Furthermore, and most notably, a large majority (83%) would continue to watch the game even if their national team were eliminated, a sentiment that is most reflected in Poland (88%). By contrast, respondents from Germany (19%) and France (17%) are more likely to lose interest if their team is disqualified than those from other countries.

When it comes to predictions, respondents in Spain are the most confident in their team’s abilities, with more than half (51%) rating their chances of winning the trophy as 7 or more (on a scale of 1 to 1 ). 10) . By contrast, the majority of British (73%), French (66%), German (66%) and Polish (61%) respondents appear less confident, rating their chances of winning the trophy between 0 and 6 (out of 10). ).

A large majority of Europeans (85%) intend to watch the competition with someone else, for example with a partner (43%), family (40%) or friends (39%). This desire to be close to those who share a passion for sport means that 86% of Europeans will watch the 2022 games at home on their television.

But the results showed some cultural differences. British (30%) and Spanish (28%) respondents will choose to watch in a bar or pub if they do not watch the games at home, while German (35%) and French (34%) respondents will watch at home from a friend on TV.

Also, and in particular, the French respondents seemed more interested in the details and results of the games, since 35% intend to watch them only at home.

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