75,000 Britons Surprised By British Bank ‘Christmas Bonus’: 155 Million Accidentally Deposited | Money

75,000 Britons were surprised on Christmas morning by a ‘Christmas bonus’ from the British bank Santander. Due to a technical problem, the bank transferred a total of almost 130 million pounds (155 million euros) to its accounts.

Payments from around 2,000 business accounts were doubled due to the technical error. So the companies paid double to their employees, from salaries to bonuses.

“We regret that due to a technical error, some payments from our corporate clients were duplicated in recipients’ accounts,” Santander said in a statement. “It hasn’t left a single customer in financial trouble, and we’re working with many banks across the UK to recover incorrectly made payments in the coming days.”

A payroll administrator at one of the affected companies, who preferred to remain anonymous, said bbc news“It ruined my Christmas vacation because I thought I had transferred thousands and thousands by accident. I thought I had done something wrong. I’m sure it’s my fault and now I’m getting into trouble at work.” Fortunately, it turned out that wasn’t the case, but Santander hadn’t let the companies know how to explain the mistake to their employees.

According to British media, it is not an easy task to find the money, since many payments have ended up in accounts of other banks and institutions. It would also be difficult to recover money from people or institutions that have already passed the Christmas holidays. “It’s complete chaos,” the payroll administrator said. “How they are going to correct this mistake, I have no idea.”

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