7 best OLED Switch games to appear on your new OLED screen

When it was first announced I was skeptical about the new OLED switch, but now that I have used it for myself, I have realized what a huge improvement the display represents.

Colors appear on screen, are brighter, have more vibrancy, higher color accuracy, and really show how beautiful some of the games on the Switch are.

The best OLED Switch games

Not that I need a reason to go back and play my Switch because I use it frequently, but it is the icing on the cake to go and replay some of my favorite games, and even break it. still finished.

And I want to show some of these games, especially games that are more graphically demanding and have a more vivid color palette.

Let’s take a look at the 7 games that will appear on your new OLED Switch screen!

Astral chain

Astral Chain is a game that surprised me while playing on Switch. It’s packed with style, glitz, and combat that make you feel like a badass. Back then, I couldn’t believe it would work on the Switch and it’s still one of my favorite games I’ve ever played. Platinum games got you out of the park with this one and it’s a shame it never reached mainstream popularity because I think this is an essential Switch game that everyone should be playing.

The world of Astral Chain has a lot of muted colors with neon illuminated signs and layered light particle effects and I can’t wait to go back and see those colors appear on screen.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

Super mario odyssey

Some people are disappointed with Mario’s first 3D release on Switch, but I don’t agree with that opinion. Super Mario Odyssey is an incredible game, full of wonderful touches and beautiful things to discover. It also happens to be one of the brightest and most beautiful games Nintendo has ever created, which is perfect for showing off that fancy screen on your new OLED switch.

If I had to choose a world to display, it would be Cascade Kingdom (Fossil Falls) or Sand Kingdom (Tostarena). The first is lush green for the most part, and has this wonderful waterfall that flows into the pool towards the beginning of the area. Sand Kingdom, with its Mexican influences, looks impressive, especially the city that Mario discovered at the beginning of the world.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

Tetris effect

It’s fair to say that Tetris Effect loses some of its hypnotic beauty when played on the small screen of any Switch, but judging on its own merits, the Switch version on OLED looks impressive.

If you haven’t yet seen what Tetris Effect (which came to Switch as an Enhanced Connected Edition) is all about, it’s a far cry from the Tetris you might remember from the original Game Boy.

While the main gameplay remains the same, Tetris Effect is a visual tour de force, filled with magnificent images and colors, played with the best music ever created for a video game.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

Terror Metroid

Metroid Dread hooked me from start to finish. Intense boss fights that really put my skills to the test, solving puzzles, uncovering secrets, and of course racing for my life through one of the most detailed maps of any metropolis I have ever seen. I’ve never seen him get chased by EMMI. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was a horror game !?

There’s a lot to enjoy Metroid Dread, but I think it’s the moments when the camera angles seamlessly switch from side scrolling to these incredible dynamic gameplay footage that really blew my mind.

Metroid Dread is the first game that many people will have played on OLED since it was released on the same day and it did not disappoint.

Different areas and biomes have their own unique atmosphere with excellent backgrounds complemented by excellent foreground lighting. Samus’s skill effects are impressive and really vibrant when used in some of the darker areas as blacks are now more accurate on the OLED.

I have already completed it, but will be back 100% to explore more. 10/10 action platformer.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

Luigi’s Mansion 3

You should play Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Switch no matter what version you have, but given the game’s excellent use of lighting and colors, it’s a must-have on the OLED Switch.

Considering that Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place mostly at night, in dark rooms, the amount of color used is remarkable and the neon of the ghosts really makes them stand out from the backgrounds.

Nintnedo and Next Level Games have created one of the prettiest Switch games here, so it’s no surprise that it’s even more noticeable on the Switch OLED screen.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

New Pokémon Snap

You might think it’s an odd pick for this list, given that the Switch also hosts two main Pokémon games in the form of Let’s Go and Sword / Shield, but for me, New Pokemon Snap is by far the most popular Pokémon game. visually appealing. the system.

The world in Snap is more vivid, models sharper and colors more vivid. Pokemon Let’s Go is also a good game, in my opinion, much more attractive than the rough Sword / Shield, but if you are looking for something to show on that new OLED screen, I would choose New Pokemon Snap every time.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

Hollow knight

Being one of the best Metroidvanias of all time is reason enough to run Hollow Knight on the OLED switch, but since we’ve already talked about the amazing Metroid Dread (a real Metroid game), this one needs a little help. ‘ more to make the Cup.

The key to keep in mind with Hollow Knight, aside from the sheen of adventure, is how incredibly beautiful the art looks on the OLED screen. All the characters and backgrounds look amazing, and the subtle use of color has added warmth to the OLED switch.

Fun fact: Did you know that all art is hand-drawn in Hollow Knight? Now you know.

In the United Kingdom:

In the U.S:

There are so many other games that I could have mentioned on this list, here are some quick honorable mentions:

Monster Hunter Rise Link awakens and Breath of the Wild through Hades Splatoon 2 Mario Kart 8

Basically all the Nintendo Switch exclusives. Simply put, the OLED Switch may not be the Switch Pro or Switch 4K or whatever you want to call it, but I think it has its place and for those who have chosen one or are considering it. a deal.

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