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As promised, THQ Nordic announced a total of six new games tonight as part of its 10th birthday anniversary livestream, and there was some news on other titles as well.

A complete program. In case the show was missed, we will summarize everything here for you and start with the new announcements.

Destroy even more people

Crypto returns and enters Destroy all humans! 2 – Failed in the rocking sixties. And not just in the US After the KGB blew up its mothership, it seeks revenge in the US, Britain, the Soviet Union, Japan, and on the Moon.

The remake will be completely rebuilt by Black Forest Games (already responsible for the remake of the first part) in Unreal Engine 4 and will also receive new or revised features.

The title is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

Cosmic tremors

You end up in Spongebob’s world again Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake. Here, the mysterious fortune teller Cassandra grants wishes to SpongeBob and Patrick, who may not have been so smart.

As a result, they both accidentally open portals to the mysterious dream world, and their friends disappear into them. So you explore seven different worlds and try to put everything in order.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

A new beginning

Continue with Cutter Slade, who is in Outcast 2: A New Beginning return to the world of Adelpha. 20 years after what happened in the original, the world is threatened by invaders.

An army of robots explodes the planet and enslaves its inhabitants. In the role of Cutter, you must now organize the resistance and displace the invaders of Adelpha.

Outcast 2 is being developed by Appeal Studios in Belgium, that is, by the original team. It is in the works for PC, Xbox Series X / S, and PlayStation 5.

Superpowers instead of superpowers

Those who prefer a bit more global from a strategic point of view are sure to enjoy the Big Game of Strategy. Superpower 3. Your goal here is to lead your nation to world domination, or to test different scenarios.

You are in charge of economics, politics, diplomacy, social developments, military and many other aspects.

A true third party

“Fans have been waiting for a real third part of the legendary Jagged Alliance series for decades,” writes THQ Nordic. And here it comes. Lead a mercenary army in the fictional state of Grand Chien, which was taken over by a paramilitary organization called The Legion.

The game must combine challenging turn-based battles with the exploration of a large game world and strategic elements. You conquer territories, train local militias, and assemble combat troops, with many familiar faces returning from the ranks.

Jagged Alliance 3 is in development at Haemimont Games (Tropico, Surviving Mars, Victor Vran) for PC and has a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Legends on wheels

The sixth and last new game tonight is MX vs. ATV: Legendsdebuting the series on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Career mode should be more extensive than in any previous game in the series and there should be as many sponsors and special events as never before, as you compete against the forces of nature in the new test mode.

Stop, that was not all!

That’s it for the new announcements, but there were also news in two other titles.

For example, to the open world RPG Elex 2, which is featured in a new story trailer. He will show you what drove Jax to isolation and why he is now giving up his exile.

Is still Expeditions: Rome. Here the developers explain to you in a new video what a game does.

And that’s a “gripping story full of outstanding characters and a game world that reacts to player actions,” they say.

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