2K could develop FIFA instead of EA Sports

On the topic of FIFA, the CEO of Take-Two spoke about Top Eleven, a management soccer video game developed by the company and reserved for the mobile public, adding: “This is a big step forward for us… we have never dealt with of this sport before. ‘now. And uh, I think I’ll stop there for today. “A smoky answer, which fits well with the current situation EA Sports and FIFA find themselves in.

On the occasion of the economic results conference organized by Take-Two, a large American video game company, the question has once again arisen that sees the possible end of the collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA for the development of the homonymous video game series. . For more details, CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked at the event what he thought of the matter and if the company would be interested in acquiring the FIFA license. In this case, the development would go to 2K Sports, a branch of Take-Two dedicated to sports video games. Currently, the only football title released by the company is Top Eleven, a management software developed by Nordeus and available on mobile devices. For the rest, the Take-Two name is mainly linked to basketball, with the NBA 2K video game series.

On the subject of FIFA, as VGC reported, Zelnick focused on the work Nordeus has done for Top Eleven, adding: “This is a huge step forward for us… we have never covered this sport before. And I think I’ll stop there for today. A smoky answer, which nevertheless fits in well with the current situation EA Sports and FIFA find themselves in.

After the launch of FIFA 22, the company issued a statement in which it indicated the desire to change the name of the series. The following week, documents were leaked in the UK showing the name EA Sports FC. Subsequently, it was the turn of FIFA which, again through a press release, announced that it was in contact with new development teams and professionals in the sector to build a long-term future. According to a New York Times report, the dispute between EA Sports and FIFA is due to the amount requested by the federation for the acquisition of FIFA’s naming rights, which amounts to 2.5 billion dollars for the next ten years. Considering that the agreement between the parties is expected to fall in 2022, this explains the current need for EA Sports to disassociate itself from FIFA.

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Regarding sports rights, Electronic Arts (EA, parent company of EA Sports) and Take-Two have often argued about sports rights: last year, 2K Sports launched PGA Tour 2K21, while EA’s previous monopoly had lasted twenty-five years. All this opens up a new mystery about the future of FIFA video games, which paradoxically with FIFA 22 achieved excellent goals. Not only is it among the highest-paying titles of the semester for EA, but it continues to feature comprehensive updates to ensure realism and immersion in the middle of the field.

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